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What do we look for in female leaders?

The moment I emerged from my mother’s womb, however, my possibilities dwarfed those of my siblings, for I was a boy! And my brainy, personable, and good-looking siblings were not….So my floor became my sisters’ ceiling — and nobody thought much about ripping up that pattern until a few decades ago. Now, thank heavens, the structural barriers for women are falling. — Warren Buffett

I recently read this interesting and thoughtful essay on women and the glass ceiling from Warren Buffett. Every year we see articles about how men still far outnumber women in the boardroom. And every few years a short list women are singled out as the as the ones who’ve overcome the obstacles and made it to the top. Their every move — from job performance to child rearing — is scrutinized so we can see if women can really handle the top corporate jobs. I think they’ve shown that they can but in many ways female CEOs have been disappointing.

So far, women have seemed to act as surrogate men. There has been little “female energy” in corporations though there are female people heading some of these companies. Where is the change in attitudes that were supposed to come with female leadership? I believe it’ll come but it’s been slow. So, let me ask this question: when we hire a women as hoa attorneys do we want exactly the same thing as when we hire a man? Do we want them to behave in the same ways and follow the same leadership patterns established by centuries of men? Or, do want a different sensibility or style? I suppose the larger question is really whether women and men are inherently different in leadereship styles.

I don’t have an answer — but maybe you do?

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Human Behavior vs. Corporate Behavior

A few years ago — around the time of the 2010 Citizens United decision — I was thinking about “corporate citizenship” and corporate “speech.” These ideas don’t make sense to me. Corporations are a legal construct — something made by humans — and yet we’ve given them human rights, as it were.

Then I started to compare human behavior to corporate behavior. Though I’m no expert in human behavior, I’m pretty knowledgeable about corporate behavior. Corporate behavior is determined by the goal of profit maximization while it seems to me that human behavior is unlimited and dependent upon experience and situation. Humans have feelings and desires. Corporations do not. With these thoughts in mind, I began to make lists of typical behaviors in regards to ethics, accountability and modes of functioning.

I find myself coming back to these lists often — they may not be perfect indicators of all human behavior but they seem pretty solid regarding corporations. These “corporate citizens” we’ve created underlie so much of my current thinking. Who are they speaking for when they speak? Who benefits when they lobbying government? Who is helped when they contribute to political campaigns? And most importantly — if they are citizens in their own right, then to whom are corporations accountable?

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Corporations Are Not People: A book to inspire a movement

Jeffrey Clements’ book, Corporations Are Not People, is an indispensable source of information and analysis on the present state of corporate power in America. What is particularly valuable is the cogent analysis of such a contradictory and dysfunctional conclusion. It’s an indispensible source of the who/what/when in the Citizens United timeline.

Corporations Are Not People also spells out a way this can be solved. It’s a courageous book because what he’s recommending is not easy. But then, this is not something that is beyond the power of human beings to accomplish – we can amend the Constitution. It’s very, very daunting but his focus on this (and if you’ve followed his work at all you know his dedication to this effort) and his willingness to devote so much of his intellectual energy and time is very moving.

From the very beginning, Jeff Clements knew what Citizens United would mean for our country. He submitted an Amicus Brief in the case and spoke widely before most of the public caught onto the issue. He hasn’t stopped and this book is an important resource. Read this book if you’re interested in overturning/fixing/amending the issues in Citizens United.

It is the kind of book that all successful movements have to have as their bible.

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Kentucky Sex Abuse Lawsuit: Court of Appeals Affirms $3.7 Million Award that Fayette County Board of Education Must Pay Victim

The Fayette County Board of Education must pay Carol Lynne Maner $3.7 million for her Kentucky sex abuse lawsuit—affirmed the Kentucky Court of Appeals on Friday. In 2007, a Fayette Circuit Court jury issued its verdict that school officials in the 70’s and 80’s ignored allegations that four teachers, an assistant principal, and a guidance counselor at Beaumont Junior High School and Lafayette High School had sexually abused Maner while she was a student. The board, claiming the statute of limitations for Maner’s case had run out, appealed the verdict.

Maner, who filed her Kentucky civil lawsuit in 2003, claimed that she had been denied her right to an education because the sexual abuse caused her to suffer from depression and drug addiction. She also contends that other students were sexually abused. A few other ex-students have stepped forward over the last few years to affirm Maner’s claims.

Roberta Walter and Russell Hubbard, two of the four former teachers that are defendants in Maner’s Kentucky sex abuse lawsuit, have been criminally charged for their alleged abuse of the plaintiff. Hubbard is charged with four counts of first-degree sodomy and third-degree rape. Walter is charged with third-degree rape and third-degree sodomy. The two are in need of good defense, like the Orlando criminal defense lawyers.

The $3.7 million sexual abuse verdict is among the largest awards issued in Fayette County.

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CA Woman in Custody Battle with Biological Father from Ohio

Riverside child custody lawyers are following the case of a 45-year-old woman in Orange County, California will be filing an appeal in a final attempt to retain custody of the little girl that she has raised since right after the child’s birth.

 Stacey Doss of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA is a divorced public relations consultant and has been trying to adopt Vanessa for the past 18 months.

Vanessa’s biological mother had contacted Doss’ adoption agency before the child was born in 2008. She and Doss “clicked” and Vanessa’s birth mother signed a document stating that the biological father was completely out of the picture. She claimed that Vanessa was a product of a one night stand.

Vanessa was born on June 13, 2008, and Doss continued with the adoption process. However, Vanessa’s biological father filed a motion seeking custody of the child in Ohio before the adoption could be completed.

 A DNA test in September proved the man was Vanessa’s father and the custody battle became a matter of jurisdiction between California and Montgomery County, Ohio.

 On July 2, a teleconference with lawyers and judges in both states determined that Ohio has jurisdiction in the case. Vanessa was ordered to be sent to Ohio on July 16 to go into foster care.

 A hearing was scheduled for July 29 in Ohio to determine if Vanessa could be placed with her paternal grandmother.

 Vanessa’s biological father has four other children, two of which reside with Vanessa’s biological mother. The other two children are from a previous marriage and are in his mother’s custody.

 Carolyn Doss, 70, is Stacey Doss’ mother and resides in Dana Point, CA. She claims that Stacey has been threatened with foreclosure on her townhome twice due to the fees associated with the custody battle. 

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Personal Injury and Divorce

It is no secret that a divorce affects more than just the couple getting it. It can affect all of their family members, and particularly their children. A new study definitely seems to validate that point.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin recently released a new study looking at the effects of divorce on children. What they found is slightly troubling: as compared to children in a “traditional” family unit or a stable household, kids whose parents have begun divorce proceedings have lingering developmental problems and tend to fall behind their counterparts as observed by nursing home abuse lawyers in long island.

According to sources, the study was based on data taken from over 3,500 students from kindergarten through the fifth grade. They were observed pre-divorce, during divorce and post-divorce. One finding: the children’s math skills, in particular, seemed to be adversely affected, as compared to reading scores. They were also found to have underdeveloped social skills and sometimes suffered from low self-esteem.

As reported in a Reuters article, the study found children did not have negative impacts before the process of divorce began. However, the effects continued after the divorce, although they did not worsen then, either.

One researcher says the children’s setbacks may be caused by the stress of seeing their parents become argumentative or depressed, or being distracted by having unstable or changing living arrangements. They may also not be on the best terms with their parents during a tough time.

The study was reportedly published in the American Sociological Review by an accident lawyer in Louisiana.

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Hit-and-run driver charged in fatal Pennsylvania car accident

In any hit-and-run accident, investigators must pursue all possible avenues to see if they can locate the culprit. Many times, however, victims of hit-and-run car accidents are left with the possibility of no one to hold accountable. When a wrongful death is involved, the scenario is even that much more difficult, because the deceased victim is unavailable to give any information as to who might be responsible for the accident even after speaking with Rayville criminal defense attorneys.

In a recent Pennsylvania hit-and-run fatal car accident, the hit-and-run driver thought that he could get away with avoiding responsibility by claiming that his car was stolen. His report was filed just after his car was responsible for killing a 46-year-old woman in Wissinoming on Sept. 29.

The deceased victim was headed to work just before 7:00 a.m. All that police knew at that point was that the hit-and-run driver was driving a blue pickup truck with tinted windows.

Thankfully, within the hour, police located the truck nearby on the  River waterfront. The truck did have front-end damage consistent with the crash. At the same time, its owner, a 28-year-old man reported the vehicle stolen.

How did investigators locate the car involved in the hit-and-run accident? How did they figure out that the vehicle was not stolen and that the owner himself was responsible for the accident? These are the types of questions that investigators face whenever they are dealing with a hit-and-run accident. Contact to get the answers with proper help.

Aside from facing criminal charges of vehicular homicide, involuntary manslaughter, Delray Beach DUI and making a false statement, this man will also possibly be facing a wrongful death lawsuit by family members on behalf of their loved one for her untimely death.

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Philadelphia makes list of country’s worst drivers

Allstate Insurance Company recently took a look which metropolitan areas sport the worst drivers. Philadelphia residents are apparently more prone to truck accidents than much of the country. The city ranks high on the list.

The study was reportedly based on property damage claims from January 2008 and December 2009. Based on that information and adjusted for population, researchers determined how likely drivers were to get into a collision.

Washington D.C. is apparently not the place to live if you fear car accidents; it ranked number one on the list. Residents there are likely to get into a car accident once every 4.8 years. According to Boynton beach criminal defense, those drivers are 107.3 percent more likely to get into an accident than the average U.S. driver.

Other cities ranking at the top include Baltimore, Newark and Providence. Surprisingly, New York didn’t make the Top 10, and only ranked 20th. Drivers there were found to get into accidents on average once every 7.3 years. However, it should be noted that cab drivers were not taken into account.

The study found that the country’s safest drivers tend to live in smaller cities. Fort Collins, Colorado, ranks as the safest place for drivers. Those residents were found to get into accidents only one time every 14 years.

Other “safe” cities include Lincoln, Nebraska, and Boise, Idaho.
Even though there have been fewer collisions on average in recent years, car accidents still claim 32,000 lives in this country every year. That’s a scary statistic. Contact lawyers of distinction directory today to learn more.

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Kinds Of Consumer Law Services Available

A CONSUMER LAWYER in Florida currently offers a wide range of consulting services:

  • Brief consulting by telephone on legal issues and case strategy;
  • Analyzing loan/lease documents or other contracts for consumer law claims;
  • Conducting legal research with citations to the most recent case law in your jurisdiction;
  • Preparing expert affidavits (including availability of A CONSUMER LAWYER staff as trial witnesses or referrals to experts in your area);
  • Drafting or reviewing of discovery and pleadings in all phases of litigation from the initial complaint to appellate briefs.

If we can help you represent a client, please call the Center, and ask or the intake attorney. Requests may also be made by mail or fax, and you should include the transaction documents and summary of any unusual facts. We will then contact with an estimate of our fee. Our services can often be provided on an expedited basis when necessary.

As a result of certain cy pres awards and funding grants, consultation remains free to legal aid and pro bono lawyers in Massachusetts, Illinois, and California, and elsewhere in cases involving pro bono representation of elderly consumers trying to learn the adoption attorney process.

A CONSUMER LAWYER’s consulting services are available only for attorney’s representing consumer clients. We do not provide case assistance directly to non-attorney consumers. By agreeing to a consulting arrangement, A CONSUMER LAWYER is not undertaking representation of your client and is not establishing any form of attorney/client relationship. A CONSUMER LAWYER does not provide any assurances regarding case outcomes and ultimate responsibility for the case remains with you.

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Chinese Drywall Causes Concern

While water and wind damage from hurricanes Ivan and Katrina have been repaired years ago, many homeowners in the Gulf Coast region are still unable to live in their homes. During the construction frenzy following these two storms from 2004 to 2008, drywall was imported from China to meet the demand. However, some people are now saying that the Chinese drywall used to repair homes in Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Virginia is defective and is making homeowners ill.

After complaints of health problems such as irritated skin and eyes, difficulty breathing, coughing, headaches, bloody noses, sinus infections and asthma attacks began to roll in, an investigation revealed that the Chinese drywall used in these particular homes emits sulfur gasses.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said the drywall is toxic and could lead to a number of health concerns, as well as corrode metals within a house. However, it has not yet recalled the defective product. It said it needs to continue its investigation and gather sufficient scientific proof before doing so.

At this time, it is believed the only way to get rid of the drywall’s negative effects is to remove the product completely and properly clean a structure’s studs. In some cases, furniture and other personal property may need to be replaced due to contamination. The cost of repair, as you can imagine, is high.

Due to the extensive and expensive remodeling process required, many homeowners are finding themselves making mortgage payments on uninhabitable homes, as well as paying rent where they are actually living. They are needlessly suffering both financially and physically. We will likely hear more about this issue of toxic Chinese drywall in the weeks and months to come. Contact Saginaw, MI accident attorneys to get a free consultation today.